Issuing Maintenance Permits


carrying out the building maintenance as per owner request

Submitting Timing

7:30 am - 12:45 pm

Service Beneficiary


Required Documents

  1. Owner passport copy.
  2. Location examination request
  3. Contractor professional license
  4. Inspection report after location examination
  5. Issuing the maintenance permit after obtaining establishment control division approval


  1. Approving or denying the request based on the inspection report
  2. Issuing the permit by the concerned expert after obtaining approval
  3. The permit is valid for one month from issuing date after payment of due fees
  4. In case of failing to execute the maintenance within this month the owner shall renew the maintenance permit
  5. After the maintenance is completed the relevant party may request to refund the insurance deposit

Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Residential Fees Cashier 350 AED + 500 AED insurance deposit
Commercial Fees Cashier 400 AED + 500 AED insurance deposit
Industrial Fees Cashier 500AED + 500 insurance deposit
Decoration Fees Cashier 500 AED + 500 insurance deposit
Administration Fee Cashier 25 AED