Issuing a Building Permits


permitting additional buildings in the same plot

Submitting Timing

7:30 am - 12:45 pm

Service Beneficiary

individuals/construction companies

Required Documents

  1. Contractor?s license
  2. Getting NOC from ETISALAT ,Civil Defense and Electricity & water (if necessary)
  3. Location inspection form


  1. Fill in the Location inspection form
  2. Location inspection reports and drawings
  3. Head of engineering affairs approval
  4. Retrieve the permit after payment of fees

Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Fees Cashier 50 fils/feet square + 100 AED checking fees
Fees Cashier Up to 50meter square payment of fees without design
Up to 100 square meter design is planned by municipality Fees Cashier 1000 AED is added as design fees
Fees Cashier The request shall be submitted by a certified consulting engineering office for spaces more than 100 meter square
Industrial awnings Fees Cashier 50 Fils/feet square + 100 AED checking fees
Shops Fees Cashier 1 AED/feet square + 100 AED checking fees
Residential interlock outdoors Fees Cashier 200 AED
Industrial and commercial interlock outdoors Fees Cashier 50 fils/ meter square
Indoors Fees Cashier 200 AED for the first 500 meter square and 500 AED when exceeding 500 meter square
Adding Sewage tank Fees Cashier 200 AED
Ground water extracting Fees Cashier 1000 AED
Temporary fence permit within the boundaries Fees Cashier 200 AED
Temporary caravan Permit Fees Cashier 150 AED (Per caravan)
Opening a new outdoor door Cashier 50 AED + 100 AED checking fees
Increasing outdoor wall height Cashier 50 AED +100 AED checking fees
Simple architectural modification Fees Cashier 250 AED
Swimming pool Fees Cashier 25Fils/feet square+100 AED checking fees
Outdoor fence permit Fees Cashier 40Fils /feet square+100 AED checking fees
Practicing fees for a contractor from another emirate Cashier 5000 AED
Administration charges Cashier 25 AED