UAQ Municipality defines construction contract management

Department of Communication and Documentation in the Municipality of Umm Al Quwain and in coordination with the Society of Engineers, organized a lecture on the construction contract management within the engineer 2020, targeting engineers working in the government sector and the sector contracting and engineering consultancy. And Qolqy lecture in the session, Dr. Nabil Shehadeh, a specialist in the field of contract construction engineering and general manager of contracts and lecturer at several international and local universities in subjects engineering law, where the session took Related Topics job Engineer in the construction sector as the basis of contracts and types (Advisory decades, the basic contract components ), such as time and time and also touched on the quality of the projects and the reasons for delay changes in the values ??of the projects and how to deal with conflicts, treatment and methods of engineering and management at the end of the session, it held a panel discussion with the engineers on the subject of Alldorh.