740 kilos of flour mixture with sand were detected in UAQ

Stepped Public Health Department of the Municipality of Umm Al Quwain from its campaigns inspection on markets and shops across the emirate and emerged from the set of 740 kilograms of flour from a bakery Umm Al Quwain due to the presence of sand, where it was ascertained that by the results of laboratory tests after sending a sample of the Central Laboratory Food of the mayor of Umm Al Quwain, and found to be unfit for human consumption, also found manipulation in the history of flour is contrary to food validity of the card, has been completely executed the shipment and take legal action against the supplier company, according to the rules and regulations in force in the municipality, it has also been notified of the National Committee Food Safety at the Ministry of Environment and Water to take necessary and make sure that there is no state in the same product markets. Ghanem said the Chairman of the Health Department of the Municipality of Umm Al Quwain The municipality will not tolerate offenders, calling bakeries operating in the field of food to abide by health requirements and not to break the law, pointing out that there is a mechanism of the Division of Food Control inspect daily league and pull samples and examined by the laboratory, as well as For food messages received from outside the state to the emirate markets are examined superficially and laboratory and make sure all the documents accompanying food shipment in terms of specifications, pointing out that there is a hotline for complaints of food and are received and checked by specialists, and in the case of a serious complaint action may be taken Legal necessary. He pointed out that food safety is a shared responsibility is not limited to regulatory authorities and by, but it is the responsibility of all food sectors from the factory to the consumer, which includes all food chain starting from suppliers and manufacturers, transport and storage, distribution, and places of retail and providers of food services and consumer sales, noting that consumers cooperate fully and immediately report any fraud in the process of all commercial goods through the hotline, as well as to make sure of the validity of production and finish before making the purchase.