General Director Statement:

Municipality contributes since its establishment in the development of the emirate, according to the decree of foundation, the Chamber by their mandates to organize construction work through the issuance of permits and control buildings, and that the department played an important role in the supervision of public health and the environment, has a number of laws were issued to maintain public health and environment cooperation with the Ministry of climate change and the environment. It has also issued a number of decisions for the organization of construction, and complementary to the laws issued in this regard, the Municipality seeks to accomplish its functions to provide the best services in the sectors under its supervision.
As the department has paid attention to the human element, through the resettlement of an ambitious plan to attract talent citizenship in the field of municipal work, and to achieve those goals, the municipality has attracted a number of citizens to work in various divisions and departments. And it strives thanks to the national staff to provide the best services to its customers and the development of existing systems to cross the future with confidence. Municipality also organizes according to the laws and decisions of the relationship between landlords and tenants.
Decisions of the competent authority also issued to establish a committee of elementary rental disputes and appellate department and implementation of these committees.
The department is interested to train the human element according to the vision of municipal investment in human resources.

Acting Director of the department
Obaid Sultan Taiwirh