Consultant Replacement


The agreement between the owner and the consultant to complete the project with another consultant

Service Beneficiary

Individuals / Establishments

Required Documents

  1. Advisory and a message indicating the desired change in and out and completion rate
  2. the former Advisory waiver
  3. The new consultant contract
  4. oversee a new message
  5. A copy of the land plan
  6. image of the previous construction permit
  7. picture of the new advisory license identical to the same classification category.
  8. a copy of the last two structural scrutiny1
  9. fees by regulation


  1. attach documents with the application
  2. payment of the prescribed fees
  3. Receive the document

Service Fees

Description Payment Site Amount
Consultant Replacement Department Fund 300 AED + AED 100 fees check
Open File fees Department Fund 40 AED