Ship pull near the UAQ coast

Obaid Taiwirh, based work Municipality Director of Umm Al Quwain work to pull the ship off the Umm Al Quwain coast 20 days ago this evening, stressed that the excavations under way to picking them up, and after the vehicle owners contracted with one of the specialized companies in the checkout process. He explained that there is a follow-up of the compound of the municipal teams, as has been called the owner was emphasized on the need for the boat pull out of fear of decay and thus polluting the environment, pointing out that there are several attempts were made to pull it but did not succeed, and the boat owner know Bmied clouds.
Ashraf Abdullah, director of operations for the company Rzo Fuel owner of the boat and confirmed that the cost of the boat pull up from $ 60 thousand to 120 thousand dollars, as a result of not being able to be withdrawn by the high waves of the sea, indicating that it was used by Bassahbat has been working for two days but did not succeed in withdrawn, as the use of one of the specialized companies to withdraw ships and has been working three days.